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Beth K. Ritter-Perry | The Rich and Textured Life Company

Maharani.  This 20” stunner is inspired by the ornate bridal jewelry of the Mughal Empire. Lush freshwater pearls are combined with gold vermeil and 22kt gold beads. The pendant is comprised of more freshwater pearls of varying sizes and shapes in a tassel with more gold beads accented with ruby drops and emeralds | $450.00 plus tax, s/h

Autumn Shine.  This 48” chain necklace is a warm, joyful dance around your neck that can be worn single or double. Kilauea lava, white coral, green kyanite, freshwater pearls, copper wire beads, serpentine, turquoise, and laser-cut glass. Wear it with jeans or dressy gear! $150.00 plus tax, s/h


Turquoise Treasure.   Casual elegance best describes this gorgeous 23” necklace featuring turquoise drops, discs and egg-shaped beads with handcrafted connected by a handcrafted hook | $150.00 plus tax, s/h


Labradorite and Pearls.  Chunky faceted labradorite pendant suspended from 21”necklace with more labradorite, freshwater pearls, iridescent blue druzy rounds and silver| $125.00 plus tax, s/h

Harvest Moon.  Easily dressed up or down, this 37.5” handcrafted chain necklace features freshwater pearls, serpentine, amethyst, Thai silver, carnelian, labradorite, Czech glass, laser-cut and lampworked Indian glass | $150.00 plus tax, s/h


Agate Adventures.  This 41” necklace features a variety of chunky bits that beg to be examined and touched! Agate, Kilauea lava, Dalmatian beads, white coral, mahogany, onyx, freshwater pearls, copper wire tangle, lamp- worked Indian glass, carnelian and laser-cut iridescent glass. $200.00 plus tax, s/h

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