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Guinn Powell | Guinn Art


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My art reveals an opportunity to explore life in a picturesque east Texas rural community through the eyes of my ancestors. A journey that offers a glimpse into my creative process and hopefully inspires the viewer’s unique interpretation. My focus is on the multi-layered nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of Afro-American life through a combination of color, texture, and symbolism.

Tropical Porch.  Acrylic on canvas |  W52 x H68 | $1,150.00.

Cotton Pickers. Acrylic on masonite | W18  x  H20 | $375.00.

Autumn Landscape. Acrylic on canvas | W32 x H38 | $575.00.

Dark Water. Acrylic on masonite |W24 x H28 | $650.00.

Space Out. Acrylic on masonite | W24 x H31   $450.00.

Space Out. Acrylic on masonite | W24 x H31   $450.00.

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