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The Mongrel Koi | sculpture by Henry Aschner

The process begins with a traditional armature and base, then hundreds of individual clay picture tiles are applied in a mosaic pattern, fired, sanded and buffed to a glass-like finish. The clay images are created using the old-school millefiori technique.


Contact for inquiries/purchase


Loki.   Millefiori clay sculpture | approx.. 10x4x2 |  $350.00.
Selected in Dallas Art214 in 2021 and displayed at the Bath House.


Bottles on Light Stand.  Translucent clays on bottle | $100.00.
Other clay sculptures are available on Facebook page.

 Armadillo. Millefiori clay sculpture | approx.. 9x5x4 | $600.00


Grayish-ling.  Millefiori clay fish sculpture | approx. 5x3x3 | $250.00. Other fish available.


Call of the Loon.  Millefiori clay bird sculpture| approx. 5x3x2| $225.00 each.  Many other birds, owls, etc., available.

Quackers.   Millefiori clay sculpture | approx.. 8x5x4 | $500.00.
Selected in Dallas Art214 in 2021 and displayed at Latino Culture Center.

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