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Roberta Masciarelli Artworks

Phoenix—We are all phoenixes.  Assemblage sculpture with repurposed materials| Size: 10.5x12x5 | $400.00.
Every time a new phase starts t is like a rebirth. From bad things to good things.

NaturaFinita – For whom the bells toll?  Assemblage sculpture with found objects – 90% recycled. | Size: 20x12x4.5 | $700.00.
For whom the bells toll? Wildlife species in extinction, the animals have almost no space to live compressed by the unbalanced lifestyle. The clock is ticking, not much time…The bells toll for thee, humans.



Lux Brumalis.  Assemblage sculpture with found object | Size: 22x13x5.5 | $800.00.
Lux Brumalis means Winter time, in Latin. With an antique chocolate box and an oven metal piece, the artwork was created to bring comfort and coziness
during the winter time.


Deus Est Potens Avis (God is a Mighty Bird).   Assemblage sculpture with found objects | Size: 17.5x19x5 | $900.00.
A feather from the Mighty Bird passes through a blend of energies replicating in small feathers just with different colors. God created us as the same,
with different races and cultures.

Fast Food Piano.  Assemblage with repurposed materials | Size: 16x20x1 | $600.00.
Piano keyboard in fast food colors or… a beautiful jazz song on a hot sunny day.

Religare.  Assemblage sculpture with found objects & diptych on canvas  | Size: 17.5x19x4.5 | $750.00.

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